• Spin Cycle - Theater 21
  • 2017-08-15
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Theater 21

'Spin Cycle'




Promotion Information


Tour Size: Performers:  Staffs:


Duration: 70 min. (No intermission)


Stage Size: Width: m Depth: m Height: m


Performing Language: Korean (English Subtitles)


Age Limit: Over 13y.o


 Premiere: November 2016





Blinds go up as if curtain does.


An actor comes on stage and wander around the space like air, while staring at the grey screen; 

pieces of junk, old computers and washing machines are filling up the screen. 

Images of shantytown in Seoul in the 60~70s are shown. 

Grey screen turns to color all at once: blue sky filling up the screen.

Along with the sights of Myongdong area in the present as well as in the 60~70s, 

massively reproduced advertising copies are gushing out.   




Directors Note


Project theater : The integration of different spontaneity Id like to thank our scenographer Guho Jung, 

who had an accidental opportunity to join the production of and did so willingly. 

I felt as if my brain was like blinds swaying by the breeze(swallowing some pep pills?) 

the moment the first idea for the work was proposed at our first meeting, without knowing who he was. 

(without him knowing who I was) That was how the broad shape of the piece was quite accidentally draw –spontaneously. 

It was extraordinary for me that the sparks of drive for collaboration -and not the usual working as a one-man band-

and also the production of theater-image-machine apparatus which would operate by itself actually happened with such spontaneity. It feels like the constantly branching and dispersing nature of this performance similar to Jackson Pollocks 

work, that type of open event is immersed in spontaneity – which was both part and whole of , now that I think of it. 

We cannot prejudge the result, but the integration of different spontaneity, 

the barely 5% sketch of that incompletion and imbalance could be the performance of

and it makes me somewhat afraid, but as excited as well.




Jaewan Park,






Theater 21


The theatre group 21 is a sort of imprint on 21century reality. 

Our life in this age is hard to take any kind of period. In early Samuel Becket pointed out our life, its dont-know-ness.

Our group seeks out this consciousness of I dont know. 

And the body, that is, the physical awareness preoccupies the center of our theatrical research. 




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