• Oedipus-Those Who Want to Know - Theater Nol Ttang
  • 2017-08-15
  • ȸ : 1200


Theater Nol Ttang 

'Oedipus-Those Who Want to Know'

Promotion Information

Tour Size: Performers: 7 Staffs: 4


Duration: 80 min. (No intermission)


Stage Size: Width: 11m Depth: 11m Height: 5m


Performing Language: Korean (English/Romanian Subtitles)


Age Limit: Over 12y.o


Premiere: November 2016





Death sweeps over the city. The news of many deaths on the internet, newspapers, and social media are filling up the city. 

Its people look for Oedipus to save the city from death that is spreading like a plague. But King Oedipus is only a blind beggar. 

Saying he has lost everything in exchange for acquiring the truth, King Oedipus asks the citizens if they are prepared for this.

The citizens try not to listen to Oedipus and the politicians decide to turn away from the rampant death in order for the life of the living.

To deal with the plague of death, however, some of the citizens start to call for the life that embraces and goes with the pain of death. 

How can the city be saved from death?



Directors Note


The year of 2016, the citizens of Seoul call for Oedipus; they urge him to save Seoul just as he saved Thebes. 

To deal with the deaths and many problems of the city, however, one thing needed to be asked, 

instead of a plea to save the city: why did it come to have these problems? 

By joining mythological characters and contemporary citizens, tries to ask what situations we are in, where we are living now, 

by whom we are surrounded and what attitude for life we are taking, and to reflect on the problems of Seoul.


...You have eyes yet you cannot see; you are not seeing what your misfortune is, where you live, and with whom you are living. 

These words of Teiresias are not for Oedipus but for us.


Zina Choi,




Theater Nol Ttang


It was founded in September 2004 and is a group that plays the smelly theater.

We are interested in expressing our interest in everyday life and observation of the present and present times in which 

we live in an emotional and fresh stage language. 

It has achieved a unique theme consciousness through sensuous approaches to relationships, objects, and the world, 

and made stage expressions to gain a pragmatic approach to the play. It has been actively participating in Korean dramas,

It is a young theater company.



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