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  • 2018-08-10
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Theater Company Sisyphe

'[On-Air] BJ Faust'


Promotion Information


Tour Size: Performers: 1 Staffs: 12


Duration: 75 min. (No intermission)


Stage Size: 7m Depth: 5.5m Height: 3m(can be revised depending on the size of the stage)


Performing Language: Korean


Age Limit: Over 15y.o


Premiere: 2017







"Halt. It is the truly beautiful moment!"


Faust, who experienced all triumphs and tragedies of the world through a contract with the devil, Mephisto.

With his last cry, Mephisto is finally able to have Faust's soul in his hands.

Faust's journey, however, is not at an end. He finds himself in a place where he knows not how, or when, or why he came to. He wanders this dream-like world, where his shards of memories are scattered. Past the reality and stretching into the world of abyss, where is the end of Faust and Mephisto's battle? The moment he readies himself, as one human-being, to open his arms to his end, his journey ends and immediately restarts.





Directors Note 


" Private Live Show"


was the foundation performance of Theater Company Sisyphe, and the first of Faust project. It was the ambitious creators' desperate struggle to seek answers for rather ideal question; essence of life. The numerous experiments shown on stage, including one where an actor takes charge of the stage for an hour and 40 minutes, playing two roles, and another one where movements and videos were grafted, showed a refreshing character of not being strapped to the existent values and rules.


The second project, <[ON AIR] BJ Faust>, is created through contacting stage with the audience, even those audience outside the theater, which is enough to rebuild communication concepts. The audience can not only watch the actual performance from all sorts of places, but also experience the world within the stage from the actor's point of view. They can watch the show through 'the first person, the actor', built up, not so different from those characters from FPS Games, and they can also post comments and effect the actual performance.

The attraction of this performance is also on the video clips, movements, unique use of objets, and one actor flipping over from this role to another.


Myung-hoon Yoo,





Theater Company Sisyphe


"Sisyphe' is the king of Corinth from Greek myth. He is sentenced with punishment of pushing a heavy rock up to the mountain peak, from deceiving gods. When the rock finally reaches the peak, it rolls back down the slope, and Sisyphe repeats the act without a promise of an end. Albert Camus, the French writer, argued about the irrationality of the human and society by citing this Sisyphe myth.

Theater Company Sisyphe is a theater organization founded by young creators in 2012. We freely cross the boundaries of life through the genre of theater, and on the other side, concentrate on pure art of unique style, focused on the topic, 'irrationality'.



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