• Bring Your Own SSIP - HaVokA Project
  • 2018-08-10
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HaVokA Project

'Bring Your Own SSIP'


Promotion Information


Tour Size: Performers: 4 Staffs: 5


Duration: 90 min. (No intermission)


Stage Size: Width: (can be revised depending on the size of the stage)


Performing Language: Korean


Age Limit: Over 14y.o


Premiere: 2014




The 'SSIP tent' that drew 'POF(piss-off factor) Victims' all over Seoul and Gyeonggi-do Province at the time of permier in Seoul in 2014, has been upgraded into 'SSIP BAR' in 2017. HaVakA Project invites 'POF Victims' with stories of the year into their secret hide-out 'SSIP BAR' and shared private conversations on their 'SSIP'.


Now they take these 'SSIP's onto the stage. 'SSIP BAR' will now stand on the stage, and the audience will be invited up. All sorts of people with all sorts of 'SSIP's. All stories are real, and all performers are civilians from 'SSIP BAR'. The 'SSIP' shared with them will now be shared on the stage with the audience.


A great relational net is formed in the theater with the 'SSIP's that wander upon the stage. Inside the net, the anger and desire within roam about. The anger is headed somewhere. Where is the actual target of their anger? Is it the self? Or someone else? Subtle desire reflected within anger, and confusion sweeps over you. Is this my anger or someone else's anger? The boundary becomes blurry.



Directors Note

HaVakA Project tries to tell the stories of all sorts of angers from all the places of the world, and also seeks to catch the shape of desires within. This time they point to Seoul, and ponder about the subject of the anger for the people in Seoul.

From a small, wind-shielded space, over a few glasses of drinks, through small chit-chats, anger is discovered from all sorts of 'piss-off factors' and their desires are also witnessed. There was a moment when the real stories surfaced in the process of bare emotions rising. This time, we seek to delve deeper into the city of Seoul.


is a documentary play recreated as a performance from the stories of random people on the street, inviting the real protagonists of the stories into the performance. But this theater aims to be the platform where the audience's stories are not only heard, but also told. Before it is a performance, is the 'conversation' itself, where people offer their experience to be shared by others. The fact that tells stories of someone's neighbors or friends becomes the magnetic charm, that will draw stories onto the stage. Through , we would like to share real 'stories' of the people living the moment.


Byung-wook Jang,




HaVokA Project


'HaVokA', defined 'a destroyer', is a creative team pursuing the new through creative destruction by breaking the boundaries of standardized formats and boundaries. It also represents the team's adventurous determination to 'why not change the world?' with new formalities and experimental artworks. With the director that studied engineering and the producer that studied architecture taking the pivotal position, the team is structured with novel staff and performers. A common interest becomes a topic through polygraphic research and experimental process within real life, and ultimately becomes a theater work.



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