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  • 2018-08-10
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Tot Value Theatre
'Requiem for Antigone'


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Tour Size: Performers: 9 Staffs: 4


Duration: 70 min. (No intermission)


Stage Size: (Can be revised depending on the size of the stage)


Performing Language: Korean 


Age Limit: Over 15y.o


Premiere: 2017




King Creon announced that Polynices, who died leading a rebellion, may not have a funeral, yet Antigone secretly holds one for her brother Polynices. The king realizes such treachery and demands that the culprit be arrested. Antigone admits her crime when she is arrested by Creon's soldiers, but asserts that it was no treachery for her to hold a funeral for her brother. Ismene appears and attempts to change Creon's heart, but he will not yield. Haemon, Creon's own son and Antigone's fiance, begs for mercy, but the king, further outraged with his son's disobedience, claims to have Antigone killed. The people believes that Antigone should be spared. Creon however, will not bend his decision to keep to the law even with the requests from the media and the demonstrators. With belated advice, Haemon dashes to Antigone, only to find that she has already killed herself. Devastated, Haemon follows Antigone's fate by stabbing himself in the chest. Queen Eurydice also chooses death upon hearing this unfortunate news. King Creon is deeply saddened by the fact that he had led his wife, son and his daughter-in-law-to-be to death. The play, however, comes to an end with Creon repeatedly muttering to himself that the path of a king is to strive to abide by the law to prosper the nation.
Directors Note
We would like to meet 'Antigone' of the now.

In the phallocentric 'Antigone', there is no 'female Antigone'. We do not wish for 'Antigone' to become a warrior under the mask of a woman. Antigone 'herself' has done it under the unbearable horror.

The 'Requiem' does not talk of traditional meanings and finished music. The actors breaths, the sound effects, the silence where the light is turned on and off - all these point to foregone Antigone. Although it may be small, we hope it points to us more sharply and more painfully.

As the desire for 'the new' grows bigger, the absence of it makes us struggle. Is there something 'new'? In this world where everything already exists, we take out existent things, re-wrap them and call them 'new'. The world is rampant with the 'new' masked in need, 'the new' does not turn, and we are buried with everything new. Predecided rules of nature. We build human's rules upon them. The rules pronounced in necessity of need for 'the new' may eventually turn into a shortcut to a human farm. Is there an actual 'new'? It is hard to decide what is 'new'. If there is 'new', it is reborn.

We seek to spice it up with countless predecessors. We hope to be reborn through it.

Seung-soo Han,



Tot Value Theatre

We are critical about the existent stereotype, tradition.

We believe there is more value to not adding.

We like purity and imprudence.

We think that a performance can be done anywhere with anybody.

We do not agree that all theater is agreeable.

We agree that it does not have to be a theater play.

We feel the responsibility for any environmental pollution caused in course of production process. We are truly regretful and we seek for solutions.


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